Replay Naming Options

LOL Replay provides a system for automatically naming replays based on a number of variables as specified below:

Date / Time

<yy>Year (last two digits)

Match Info

<queue>Queue type (Ranked, Ranked Premade, Ranked Team, Co-op, Normal)
<length>Length/duration of the match
<avgelo>Average post match elo of all players in the match
<region>Region the match was played in (eg NA/EUW/EUNE etc)

Player Statistics

<win>“Win” / “Loss”
<won>“Won” / “Lost”
<champion>Champion Name or “Spectator” if recorded in spectator mode
<summoner>Summoner Name
<elo>Your post match elo


<summoner> – <champion> – <score> – <win>

For summoner “Haxalot”, playing as Tryndamere, who scored 10 kills, 2 deaths, 5 assists and was on the winning team, the following name would be produced: “Haxalot – Tryndamere – 10/2/5 – Win”